Technical Fabric

Specializing in nylon 6, nylon 66, high-tenacity nylon 6 & 66, industrial polyester fabric and other relative high-performance technic fiber fabric .We can also provide customized technical textiles, which are widely used in aviation, marine , transportation, medical, outdoor, protective equipment, furnishings, luggage an so on.

Functional Apparel Fabric

High-quality nylon6, nylon66, high-tenacity nylon 6 & 66, polyester and  elastic fabrics, provide or cooperate with global precise laminating and coating factories, provide the best protection and wearing comfort in aviation, sailing, and extreme environment.

Light Weight Fabric

By delicate finishing process, lightweight fabric can possess the features of delicate hand feel and luster surface as well as the functions of wind proof, down proof, water proof, snow repellence, fire retardant. We may design fabric upon customer requests with multi-functionalities.

Eco Friendly and Sustainability  

Most of our end products have safety and service life considerations, so we attach more important to the safety and durability of our products used. Insist that the material must exceed the customer's requirements for physical properties. Whether it provides laminating, coating factory or end user, it can optimize the service life and.