Professional Inflatable Fabric
Specializing in stable quality nylon 6, nylon 66, high-tenacity nylon, it can provide customized high-quality inflatable fabrics with high tensile strength and tear strength. Inflatable products used in aviation, marine, outdoor, medical care and safety protection. Such as aviation life jackets, aviation escape ladders, outdoor inflatable cushions, inflatable boats, sphygmomanometer, medical alternative pressure air mattress (APAM), safety inflatable cushions, etc.


  Pack Bag and Luggage fabric
We offer customized products with fine denier 20d to 3000d nylon or nylon and polyester compound with finish process of abrasion durability, high strength, durable water repellent, water proof, self-clean .
 Application : covers suitcase, computer bag, luggage and mountain bag.


 Home Textile
Home textile is offered with Nylon and Polyester compound with fashion trend requiring two tone、dobby , Jacquard  dyeing and printing  to give the functions of light shade、water proof、water repellent、anti soil、anti bacteria, anti-odor、fire retardant , can offer home comfort safety and beauty.


 Stroller Fabric
OKEO-TEX Class1 certification, safe to use in infant products.


  Umbrella, Awning, Boat Cover
Excellent color fastness to Light and durable weather textile, offer high quality all- whether protection material.