Since 1970, a completed textile supply chain has aggregated factories in Central Taiwan. Well-known international brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance, Samsonite etc. has been established their R&D office in Central Taiwan for the advantages of variety of industry, convenient locations and cost.ShingFu Textile Technology Co. Ltd(SFTT) was also established under the textile boom of these years.

In last decades, Taiwan area has no more comparably low labor cost advantage. While some Taiwan factories decided to move factories overseas or close their business, SFTT, which insisted on staying in Taiwan, also began to adjust its corporate strategyto increase product competitiveness by R&D innovation and enhance the efficiency and quality by lean production process. SFTT is renowned with a completed production facilities from weaving, dying to process and specialized fabric supplier to international brands on the basis of long-term production experiences in synthetic fiber as Nylon and Polyester.Then in 2010, Advance textile Technology was established.Professional division of production and sales in order to more effectively communicate to reach customer needs and focus on sales services for global customers and supplier chain.

After celebrating the establishment of the factory for 30 years,facing the next 30 years, we will complete the green concept new dyeing and finishing plant at the original location In 2021.Based on the latest sustainable environmental standards, we provide a labor-friendly working environment, use gas instead of coal, have solar power generation, heat and hot water recovery systems, cleaner sewage and recycling waste water systems, and with strict production monitoring, the products are accurately completed to avoid unnecessary waste of water and energy, etc.,.Take our best responsibility for the sustainable development of the earth.

In addition to the full support of the complete supply chain, SFTT also has a research and development team that cooperates with global raw material suppliers, finishing processing chains, and TTRI(Taiwan textile Research institutes)to develop new products.In line with Advance Textile's global distribution chain and customers' needs for immediate response and on-time supply, we have a global sales team with many years of experience to integrate resources in the production chain and provide customized services. We hope to be a fast, professional and efficient partner for our customers in terms of functional fabrics and professional industrial fabrics.