1. Eco Friendly And Recycle
(1) In 2021, We has finished a new dyeing and finishing plant with a green concept on the occasion of its establishment 30 years ago. Based on the consideration of the latest sustainable environmental standards, we provide an employee-friendly working environment, replace coal with gas, and vigorously promote solar power generation, thermal energy and waste water heat recovery systems, with higher specifications for sewage and waste water reuse. Through strict production mounting, attach great important to product quality in the manufacturing process to avoid unnecessary waste of resources. In addition, we apply for the highest certification OKEO-TEX Class-1 every year.
(2) Except green building and process, we can provide environmentally friendly fabrics such as recycled and dope dyed yarns according to customer needs. The above general action is to do our utmost responsibility for the sustainable development of the earth.


2. Safe And Durable Product To Reduce Discards
Most of our end products have safety and service life considerations, so we attach more important to the safety and durability of our products used. Insist that the material must exceed the customer's requirements for physical properties. Whether it provides laminating, coating factory or end user, it can optimize the service life and.